on the photo : Nadia Kuu & Anna Talvi, photo by Olga Williams

Anna Talvi

Designers / Dressmaker
Photographer /Artist

…We shall see what we shall see…

It is through contemplating all that surrounds me –
the Scandinavian melancholic air, the cold dark sea –
that inspires me so much everyday.
And I never get tired to look at the Earth through plane’s window,
to experience foreign music, dances and cultures,
to form new ideas and reflect them later
in drawings or other things ♥

Art Gallery / fb page : AnnaTalviGallery
Instagram : @AnnaTalvi
Contact : [email protected]

Nadia Kuu

Designers / Dressmaker
Photographer /Artist / Dancer

…Love and to be Loved …

Dancer of modern art and ballet,
Major interests: magic, music…
Romantic ♥

Instagram : @NadiaKuuTohono
Contact : [email protected]

Olga Williams

Manager / Marketing

Contact : [email protected]