All collections present on this website are only handmade and personally
developed by TOHONO designers – Anna Talvi and Nadia Kuu

on the photo : Nadia Kuu & Anna Talvi, photo by Olga Williams

TOHONO is a Finnish Dresses & Jewellery trademark that was originated in 2011
by two designers Anna Talvi & Nadia Kuu .

Company’s products are handmade with all the production processes concentrated in Finland.
The major material is a high-quality and eco-friendly reindeer leather,that is combined with wooden balls, lacework.
These elements end up in final products where senses of romantics, gothics and modernity prevail.
The collections include bags, purses, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts…
in different colors.

It is that unique piece of graphic design that emphasizes individualism and unforgettable style.
We use high quality reindeer leather in productions of widgets.

Contemporary textile materials, leather and laces ingrained with traces of elegance, romance.
Modern and casually gothic are predominant for TOHONO’s products.
Black, red and white are the most typical colours used either alone or in combination.

From Finland With love ♥

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